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NYC Fashion Week
New York Fashion Week With NYC Vip Limo

New York Fashion Week is one of the most popular fashion weeks in the world. It is held twice a year in February and September/October. The event showcases new collections from designers from all over the world to buyers, editors, celebrities, and members of the...

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Events Where You Must Rent a Limo Featured Image
5 Events Where You Must Rent a Limo

Limos and luxury are inseparable - you cannot rent a limo without thinking of luxury. Ever since the first limo was manufactured, the emotion that it invoked was unquestionable.  - extravagance and class.   Nothing is more luxurious than arriving at an event in a limousine. Book...

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Statue of Liberty New York City
Luxurious things to do in NYC

We know you are missing lavish and luxurious trips. We all do. There is so much to be discovered, new ways to add more glitz and glam to your everyday routine. We were all thrilled that the roaring 20s are back again… but now postponed...

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