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High-profile vehicle rentals for important corporate affairs, meetings, and events are just one click away!


Our limo rental services don’t end with city tours, weddings, and bachelor parties… NYC VIP Limo offers way more than that. We’ve crafted several special packages with federal government employees, diplomats, and military personnel in our minds. You are doing a responsible job and you deserve stress-free transportation, without thinking about potential security risks. 


We want to make your corporate transportation more luxurious and more secure. We can craft or enhance your existing security protocol while you are visiting New York City.


New York City often hosts various political and government events. It is also an epicenter of the business world. NYC VIP limo will make sure that you are there in time, keeping your pace with all important business events, taking care of your security every step of the way. 


Since our fleet is backed up with armored vehicles and we pride ourselves on detailed safety protocols – it makes us a perfect solution for your next visit to NYC.


If you are visiting New York City and you need diplomatic car rental and you are looking for the best rates for government employees – count on us!

Special offer for the upcoming General Assembly in New York

The 76th session of the UN General Assembly will open on Tuesday, 14th September 2021 in New York City. 


The first day of the high-level General Debate will be Tuesday, 21 September 2021. If you are attending this event, we are happy to inform you that we are offering discounts for government employees and diplomats. 


Get your discount and navigate safely through hectic New York City streets. Just let our operator know that you are attending the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, and we’ll do all the rest.


Most prestigious vehicles for diplomats

We proudly serve the diplomatic community and we want to see you extend your stay even outside your formal affairs. If you need to travel often to New York City for your work – we are happy to inform you that you are eligible for a frequent traveler discount!


NYC limo offers discounted rates for federal government employees, diplomats and military personnel. We also include discounts for the veterans. Discounted rates in NYC VIP limo is available for retired military personnel , as well as 


Family members of government employees and military families also can enjoy various perks and discounted armored vehicle rentals. We can take your family on an unforgettable tour while you are doing your work. 

You just need a government-issued or military ID at the time when the pickup is scheduled. The minimum age required for high profile vehicle rental is 21 years old. Make sure to check for our rates with our agents. 

High Profile Vehicles / Armored Vehicles for Diplomats, Government Employees and Military Personnel

If you want an additional layer of security for important events, NYC VIP limo is your best choice. We will help you feel secure. In addition to our risk mitigation services, and initial security – we can go one step further. 


Our team consists of security professionals with vast experience in high-profile client protection. With optimal operational effectiveness in mind, we can create your personal security plan. Our experts can also update your current security plan, detect potential flaws and risks that are often overlooked.


NYC VIP will provide you with security drivers and personal protection services. We always conduct thorough security training of our current staff of chauffeurs and security personnel to support a safe and secure lifestyle.


Our most wanted models of armored vehicles include:

  • Platinum Edition Cadillac Escalade – the ultimate luxury backed up with B6 Armor Package.
  • Mercedes S-560 Sedan – Backed up with Indoor/ Outdoor Intercom for establishing communication at critical checkpoints.
Armored Vehicles Selection - Armored Cars by NYC VIP Limousine Services
Bulletproof Ballistic Glass

NYC high profile vehicle and Armored vehicles security protocols 

In order to make your stay in New York City safe and more comfortable, we take care of the following aspects of your stay:

  • Professionally trained drivers with different law-enforcement backgrounds.
  • Hiring personal protection agents, armed or unarmed. Our staff doesn’t consist only of chauffeurs – we also have protection professionals, trained in diplomatic and executive protection, physical protection, route planning and security awareness.
  • Preventing the accidents before they happen: Practicing rotective and evasive driving and accident avoidance. Immediate action-driving technique training.
  • Our fleet consists of various armed vehicles ranging from Mercedes to Tesla models. Just like our strategy – they are simply bulletproof. 
  • Provide protective advance and conduct vulnerability surveys. We assess client’s stay,
  • Discuss travel plans, and movements for potential threats and vulnerabilities).
  • Delivering risk mitigation strategies. It includes threat assessment,operational awareness intelligence gathering, counter-surveillance, and security planning services. We are identifying potential threats in the beginning.
  • Worst case scenario planing: We conduct counter-terrorism training and worst-case scenario contingency planning.

COVID-19 safety protocols

The global pandemic reshaped the way we do our job and we guarantee that we follow COVID-19 safety protocols in a very detailed manner. We will ensure that the vehicle is disinfected, that our chauffeurs are keeping the distance and that you always have masks and sanitizers  at your disposal.

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We Offer Best Car Rental Deals for Government Employees


To inform us about our rates for government employees, diplomats and military personnel – make sure to contact us today and we will inform you about the rates, discounts and security protools for upcoming events.


We would like to see you travel more frequently with us. Let us help you make a bulletproof strategy for your corporate transportation. NYC Vip limo is a synonym for luxury and safety!