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What is Open on Christmas Day in New York City?

What is Open on Christmas Day in New York City?

When it comes to festivities, the most wonderful holiday you will ever see in New York city is Christmas. There is no more beautiful sight than when you go out on Christmas eve and indulge in the contrast of a dark night and glorious illuminations. We promise you that this is something you will reminisce about for a jolly long time! And besides sightseeing, there are so many things to do on Christmas day. Do you think you can guess what is open on Christmas day in New York City? Well, now you don’t have to. Feel free to take a look, as we give you some hard to ignore ideas.


Christmas meal – the most important part of the day

What is Open on Christmas Day in New York City

Whatever you do on such a fine day and wherever you go, one thing is for certain – you will need to take a rest and indulge in a traditional Christmas meal. Don’t fret, cause many restaurants will be open on Christmas day in New York City. The only catch to this perfect opportunity is that you will have to book a restaurant in advance – tables tend to grab fast. 

Restaurants open on Christmas day in New York city

For a delicious traditional meal with cozy vibes, you can check out Quality Meats. 

And in case you are not traditionally oriented, we suggest the Indian restaurant Chola, or Fogo de Chao – a Brazilian steakhouse. For the cozy french vibe, there is Marseille, near the Town’s square.

We can’t help but mention one of the best vegan choices – Eleven Madison Park with an entirely plant-based menu. 

What is open on Christmas day in New York city if not an opportunity for adventure? 

What is Open on Christmas Day in New York City Park Benches

The best adventure you can have on a Christmas day in NY is to visit one of its biggest landmarks – the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a walk across this glorious monument of history and architecture and enjoy incredible breathtaking views. 

Visiting on this special day can bring a lot of opportunities for wonderful pictures, plus you can be assured the bridge won’t be as crowded as on other days. 

Christmas eve NYC – perfect to visit a church

Christmas is a holiday when we need the most those who are no longer with us, so it’s only natural to feel the need to say a prayer and be closer to them like that. It is a religious holiday, so it’s only logical many if not all churches will be open in New York City. You can go to mass in any church you choose, only be mindful of the time they are performed. The best way to find out is by visiting their websites. 

The most glorious and divine gothic-looking churches we recommend are St. Thomas and St. Patrick. 

Christmas Trees all over New York City

Ask yourselves, can there really be Christmas without a Christmas tree? We say it can’t! So take a look at our suggestions of these magnificent and proud Christmas trees and add them to your list of what to do on Christmas day

First and foremost, the Rockefeller tree – the biggest and the most famous in New York City, one that you might also recognize from the Home Alone movie. 

Madison Square Park Christmas tree – proven to be a romantic sight of the year, plus not so crowded as other places tend to be.

The Washington Square Park Christmas tree is our favorite, gloriously placed under the archway.

And if you feel magical, you can visit the Lotte Palace Christmas tree – this courtyard looks like it was taken from medieval sight, and it’s perfect for holiday photo shooting. 

And there shall be light in New York City 

Christmas Lights

What is open on Christmas day in New York City is not going to be so important once you see an enlightened window display. All over the streets, you can bask in the illuminating contrast between night and sparkling lights. Here are some locations we think you can enjoy. It goes without saying you have to see them during the night!

Dyker Heights is a fairytale born, with magical decorations all over gardens, windows, and roofs. You can easily take some of your best pictures by taking a slow ride with one of our limos down the street. 

Queens can be your new location to explore, with a charming display of farm life handmade from lanterns. 

LuminoSity festival in Long Island with towering sculptors will take your breath away. 

Times Square – where all roads lead to

We suppose, if you feel like going shopping, the best stores open on Christmas day in New York City could be easily found around Times Square. Times Square is always open! There will be dazzling lights, street performers, and a lot of other entertainment. And if you still have some time left and are wondering what to do in new york on Christmas day, we suggest visiting museums nearby. 

Madame Tussauds is the world’s greatest museum of vax sculptors. You can see a lot of famous characters on display, plus this activity is perfect to go with children. Make sure to book your visit. Plus, if you upgrade your tickets, you might be able to see a movie with your favorite superheroes. 

In conclusion

Planning your Christmas activities 2021 can be exhausting and overwhelming, but we hope that our list of places to visit and enjoy is helping along the road. There is no need to wonder anymore what is open on Christmas day in New York City – we got you covered. 

Dazzling light, spectacular illuminations, glorious sights, and traditional warm meals are so much easier to enjoy if you don’t have to walk. Make sure to rent one of our limos for a perfect experience in New York City. Whether you are visiting or are residential, feel free to relax – somebody else will do the drive.

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