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How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 in NYC

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 in NYC

Knocking at the door, the new year is upon us, hopefully, happier than its predecessors. So now the main question is how to celebrate new years eve 2022. You can gracefully say goodbye to all the challenges of the past twelve months and joyfully celebrate the future. 

And if you are still wondering what places to visit and where to go, we might have some extraordinary suggestions. 

Glamorous Rooftop New Year’s Party

NYC rooftops

From time to time, we all need to make our wishes come true. And if your wish was to enter the new year in New York looking over the lights of the city, then the Rooftop party at the Peninsula in Fifth Avenue is a magnificent choice. Twenty-three stories above the street level, you can travel back in time in1970s with themed music and a transformed Studio 54 disco party. Of course, champagne is a must, especially when it comes to midnight toast. And there is also a raw bar and a premium open bar   

Sober new years eve 2022 party

For all of you who would like to enter the new year sober, 17 Meadow St in Brooklyn is a perfect choice. Here you can find stunning live performances, and DJ Awarehouse with his progressive dance music. Three Jewels will give mind-altering meditation around midnight. 

The Event in 17 Meadows is a chance to do something different and enjoy yourself without harmful consequences. 

Golden ‘70 at Bandits

 Ever wanted to go back in time? New year’s eve in New York is offering a one-time chance to visit 1970s Bandits. Not all that glitters is gold, but some moments are certainly worth gold. If you choose to count down the last seconds of 2021 at Bandits, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Relax with a three-course menu, classic music, plus champagne toast at midnight, and cocktails. This bar is open nearly till down.  

Jazz the year away 

Have you ever found yourself listening to the soul-touching rhythm of jazz, wishing it could last forever? Then one of the new york new years eve parties you need to visit is at Django, where Richard Cortez and his band will perform high-energy provocative songs. If you need more recommendations for this heartwarming music, Richard Cortez is a jazz song interpreter who regularly performs at jazz clubs. We guarantee a glorious romantic night.

As for the food, the three-course menu will be waiting for you, along with a midnight glass of champagne. 

The perfect combination of masks and award-winning cocktails 

new years eve cocktails

New year’s Eve 2022 wouldn’t be the same without you being able to start afresh. So why not come to Dante’s Winter Masquerade Ball at Pearl Alley, where you can be whoever you like? Bring your mask and dance the night away at luxurious Pier 17. Here you can enjoy festive cocktails and delicious bites all night long. DJ Chachi, DJ Tre, and Saxophonist will make the event more memorable with extraordinary music. If you choose to enter the new year of 2022 at this marvelous party, you are into a few surprises. And on top of all, you’ll be served one of the best views in New York City. 

Amazing Virtual New Year’s Eve at Times Square

Times Square is one of the trademarks of New York City, so it is quite natural that New Year’s Eve could be celebrated there. However, since the pandemic, that wasn’t possible, so VNYE gave a digital space where you can choose from 11 live camera feeds and 7 EarthCams to watch a fireworks show and virtual Ball Drop Celebration. Since you can be anywhere to enjoy this virtual celebration on December 31, you might as well drive around in one of our comfy and luxurious limos, off to the next New Year’s Eve New York adventure. 

Romantic New Year’s Eve in New York city nye in NYC

If you would like to celebrate in relative peace and intimate surroundings, we have a perfect place for you – The Greens on the Rooftop at Pier 17. In every winter cabin, eight of you can comfortably indulge in the stunning view of Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. And you can choose from various delicious cuisine and beverage packages. 

Pekarna’s Magnificent Ball Drop Project

Pekarna will indulge you in three rooms, each with a different music genre. In the Elixir room, you can enjoy dance music with a full surround sound system. Dragon room will get you back through time all night playing 80s music. In the main room, called Cocktails and Crooners, 50s take their rule – music and mingle. Whichever room you choose, there will be enormous screens where you can follow the ball drop. Pekarna ensures that nobody misses the magic of New Year’s eve in New York 2022. 

Treat yourself at Arlo Soho

NYE party

One of the best new years eve restaurants in new york you can find is situated within Arlo Soho. At Lindens, you can even pre-celebrate with fine tastes and flavors of a modern American restaurant. Every season has its own dish, spiced with local ingredients, and for New Year’s Eve, Lindens prepared a seven-course menu, general or plant-based. To name just a few of them: Grilled Sourdough Bread, Spiced Cauliflower Steak, Giardiniera, and Pasta Pomodoro. They didn’t forget the dessert, not champagne toast for every guest. 

In conclusion

Traditionally, new years eve is reserved for making new healthier decisions, the ones with a long-term goal. But for the new year’s eve 2022 tour you don’t have to wait that long. Simply rent one of our luxurious limos for the perfect pleasure and enjoy the first of the new year’s happiest moments. The word goes around it’s the city that never sleeps. But you can relax in the comfy seats, and take a look at what this magnificent city has to offer. 

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