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  • Scenic Road Trip Europe

    The Best Ideas for a Scenic Road Trip in Europe

    Traveling across Europe is a great idea for anyone who wants to envelop an educational excursion and a wild party ride in a single trip. The thing about Europe is that it is home to dozens of cultures...

  • scenic road trip USA mount rushmore

    Top 5 Scenic Road Trip USA Ideas for Luxury Seekers

    Going on a road trip doesn’t have to be about survival or exploration of the wilderness. However, there’s another way to travel great distances in a personal vehicle. A luxury tour can be fitted j...

  • Best Scenic Road Trip New York (State) Options for Your Next Vacation Featured Image

    Best Scenic Road Trip New York (State) Options for Your Next Vacation

    Both those who visit the place for the first time and those who have lived in New York their entire lives often restrict their knowledge of the state to a relatively small area. This is quite natural,...

  • exotic limos nyc featured image

    Most Popular Exotic Limos NYC Has to Offer

    The demand for exotic limos NYC rental services is at an all-time high. Since we live in a time of great economic turmoil, a lot of people who always dreamed of owning a luxury car are quite reluctant...

  • Streets in New York Featured Imaged

    Streets in New York that Should Be on Your Must-visit List

    Since the City That Never Sleeps is an integral piece of global popular culture, the streets in New York are iconic in their own right. You see, cities like New York are simply too huge to ever be ful...

  • Things to Do in Spring in New York City Featured Image

    Things to Do in Spring in New York City

    The dawn of new spring in New York is a perfect excuse to indulge yourself in getting out of the routine and doing something extraordinary. We propose these eight amazing things you can do during spri...

  • Best Monuments to see in NYC Featured Image

    7 Best Monuments to See in NYC – 7 Giants of History

    When it comes to visiting New York City, there is a certain rule: you don’t leave until you experience it all. And by all, we mean great food, Central Park, famous monuments and extraordinary buildi...

  • famous nyc bridges feature image

    Famous NYC Bridges You Need to See

    Are you a fan of history, gothic buildings, superheroes, and smooth luxurious rides? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then a limo tour on famous NYC bridges is right for you.   In the city t...

  • Limo Wine Tours Long Island NYC Featured Image

    Ideas for Valentines – Limo Wine Tours Long Island and NYC

    Most popular limo wine tours in NYC and Long Island – an original way to spend Valentine’s day.   The old saying goes ‘’In vino veritas’’. Latin has been a dead language for a lon...

  • Ideas for Bachelorette Party NYC - Featured Image

    Ideas for Luxury Bachelorette Party in NYC

    2020 was one of the most challenging years we have encountered for a long time. A year when we postponed our weddings and all these amazing events until it’s safe again. But, don’t let this horrib...