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Black Friday in NYC- Time for Shopping in Style

Black Friday in NYC- Time for Shopping in Style

If you gorged yourself with turkey, mash potatoes, and gravy, it is time to burn these calories! And we don’t know a better way for doing so except going shopping on Black Friday in NYC. You will get your dose of adrenaline and cardio – and you will manage to get some amazing items at a discounted price. 


Black Friday in NYC is not that scary as it sounds. If you plan wisely, it can be a quite pleasant experience. And remember that shopping is not the only thing you can enjoy on Black Friday. Shopping is just the beginning. If you follow our guide, you will get some stylish items, get a makeover, and of course – enjoy every moment of it. It is the busiest shopping day of the year but we will help you slow down a bit.


There is a little bit of everything for everyone and with our help, you will have an unforgettable experience. We will help you with planning and we will add an additional layer of safety. 


Where you should go when visiting NYC on Black Friday?


Shopping first!

Black Friday Shopping

Now let’s see what Santa will bring to your family this year from NYC… These are the stores you simply need to visit! You will definitely find some amazing Black Friday deals. 



Cashmere sweaters, attractive clothing, and 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings with a whopping 76% discount – if you want to add more elegance to your home and to your looks – head to Macy’s first. There will be awesome discounts on all these little and stylish necessities! Shop for the most amazing makeup and cosmetics of well-known brands. 

Saks Off Fifth


… You will shop your socks off at Sacks off Fifth!


Designer brands with 50% discount? Yes, please. You can find amazing dresses and combine them with amazing Gucci sunglasses at a 70% discount! Elegance is always evergreen and you will find just the right things to get 



For tech geeks and your younger loved ones – you can find amazing toys and tech gadgets at Target. Save up to 60% on laptops, tech gadgets and there is a BOGO deal with 50% discounts for the most famous toy brands. Santa could be very generous to your kids if they were good this year!



Bloomingdale’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always super impressive because you can enjoy lavish and amazing items – at almost a 50% discount.

Apple store


If you want to grab a bit of the Big Apple and buy some amazing Apple products – you have your chance. Apple watches, TV, iPad deals – everything is waiting for you, ready!


Shopping tips for Black Friday in NYC

Black Friday Tips

Black Friday requires some strategic planning as well! If you let the frenzy take over you, it won’t be such a pleasant experience as it should be. So do a bit of research a few days prior. 


When it comes to buying toys and consumer electronics – make sure to buy them earlier. If your kid is looking forward to some toy and our significant other wants a toy gadget – either go earlier or attend pre-sales. 


Also, it is always a great idea to make a plan – and stick to it. We know how easily you can get carried away but think that you can spend it enjoying someplace else in NYC.


What can you do on Black Friday in NYC besides shopping? 

Of course, shopping is just the beginning. When you are in NYC of course you can’t miss some amazing experiences. Besides the shopping you can for example:


Book a spa day


There will be some amazing discounts for your beauty and relaxation. After all, you are on vacation, right?


New York City is famous for its amazing spas. You will feel like a diva from the old Hollywood era, you can get a complete beauty treatment at a discounted price. We’ve overheard that Faina  European day SPa offers 20% on all facial treatments over $100. Oasis Day Spa also offers 20% for early birds. So be quick and be beautiful.


Have a cup of tea… Luxury way


If shopping crowds are not your cup of tea, we know just what you need. Head to The Pierre, A Taj Hotel where you will get an amazing cup of tea. With scones, tea sandwiches of sweet pastries you will enjoy a taste of real luxury. Of course, you can always opt for champagne or amazing and unique cocktails.


Attend a Broadway play


Of course something you can’t simply miss because it is an experience worth having. There are various plays now and you will find something for everyone easily. You can see what is currently playing, get the ticket and lean back and enjoy the show… We will keep your stuff safe while you are enjoying it so you have no worries.


Holiday train show


New York CIty’s beloved holiday tradition is back again – you can enjoy 175  amazing NYC landmarks. It is 30 years long tradition for a very good reason. You will explore the entire city and see it in a completely different light. 

Make your own adventure


And find some hidden yet great bars hiding. Far away from crowds of people where you can enjoy various cocktails. The lower east side is perfect for your adventure – you can find hidden gems like Attaboy and Fig 19. 

In conclusion


NYC VIP limo will give you an advantage from the start. You can forget about traffic jams because you will be there just in time to buy the most amazing items – and enjoy the rest of your NYC adventure. We can help you with your bags and take care of the things you’ve bought while you enjoy various activities.


And guess what? 


There is more! We want to make your Black Friday more luxurious but we think about your budget as well. Enjoy our 10% discount on limo service rental, we will help you explore NYC and find some amazing deals.

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