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Luxury Bulletproof Vehicles: VIP Level Protection

Luxury Bulletproof Vehicles: VIP Level Protection

Bulletproof vehicles are often used to protect diplomats, celebrities, or political figures providing the highest level of protection against armed attacks. For the NYC Elite, there is a growing need to travel in both luxury and safety. What separates NYC VIP Limousine Services from other transportation services around is our dedication to your personal security. 


Our limo service prides itself for its custom armored bulletproof cars, driven by our highly trained chauffeurs. Are you looking for car services with impeccable security protection? Look no further than NYC VIP Limousines! Our top-notch security practices are sure to provide you with not only maximum safety, but also enables you to travel in luxury and style.

How Strong is a Bulletproof Vehicle?


Fire-proof fuel tank and engine bay fire suppression system. Bulletproof windshield and ballistic glass. Run-flat tires. Armored roof, floor, and doors.


Not even the tailpipe is left unsecured. We have Tailpipe protection to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. Nothing is left to chance.


There are several different standards of ballistic protection; the higher the level, the higher the protection. All our armored cars offer a B6 level of protection, meaning that our vehicles can easily endure an attack from a high powered automatic rifle such as AK47, M16, or even sniper rifles such as M700 Sniper or Dragunov SVD.


So, our vehicles are bulletproof, but can they withstand explosives? You can put your worries to rest, as all our armored options are equipped with floor armor – protecting its occupants with enough blast protection to withstand a simultaneous detonation of two DM51 hand-grenades or equivalent, leaving no occupant injured.


When should you consider using Bulletproof Vehicles?

With increasing numbers of violent crime, kidnapping, terrorism, and other violent attacks it is important to have the safety of you and your loved ones on your mind.

It is essential for public figures to put their safety and the safety of their loved ones above everything.


Our luxurious bulletproof options can put your mind to rest, while you ride in the same comfort as in a standard vehicle. The exterior of our cars is discrete and inconspicuous, perfect choice for VIP’s on their travel. You will not even notice that you’re riding a car capable of withstanding a sniper rifle round.


Armored cars are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only reserved for the high officials, but for anyone concerned for their own safety. With their exceptional comfort and style, it’s no wonder they are the most preferred means of safe transportation.


Bulletproof Vehicles we offer:

We offer a wide range of bulletproof luxury vehicles that are ready for our high profile clients. Our vehicles are often chosen for the protection of passengers in the private, corporate, and political sector. Our passengers are able to enjoy the full safety of armored vehicles without losing the comfort of a luxury car. Any car can be armored – but our most popular models are Armored SUV Cadillac Escalade and our luxurious Armored S-560 Mercedes Benz.


Armored Cadillac Escalade SUV

Bulletproof Vehicles : Our Luxury Armored Escalade SUV


This armored Cadillac Escalade SUV is the perfect vehicle for all those VIP’s that are after the classic luxury experience in a large and accommodating vehicle. The beautiful exterior design is sure to turn around some heads, while its armored nature remains discreet.


Why choose between comfort and luxury, when you can have both? The Cadillac Escalade SUV is the epitome of what a car can do, and that’s all you could want from an armored luxury SUV. What more could you want in a luxury vehicle which is designed to be indestructible!

Armored S-560 Mercedes Benz

Luxury Bulletproof Vehicles: Our Armored Mercedes S Class

Everything you need for maximum comfort and luxury, enjoy the abundant space with this extravagant car. Our VIP customers will get great accommodation with exceptional comfort and style while offering the lavishness fit for a king.


This vehicle is a completely bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-560 equipped with innovative technology for optimum comfort, providing the passenger with a truly outstanding experience.


Armored Mercedes S-560 is an amazing choice for those who are accustomed to luxury cars, but need that extra layer of protection. It is the perfect solution for your VIP needs.


In conclusion

Whether you’re the CEO of an emerging company, a Hollywood Star, or in just one word – VIP,  you’re not going to be driven around in just any car. With every passing day, this world is getting increasingly dangerous. with so many threats out there, you’re going to need a safe and reliable vehicle, driving you around in style at the epitome of luxury. 


We often associate the car someone drives with how successful they are, and your vehicle shouldn’t just look good – its safety should be a top priority as well.


You need a car that’s going to get the job done. NYC VIP Limo will provide you with that special luxury car with that special dose of reinforced armor. A car worthy of a head of state. 

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