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The Hamptons – Luxury Getaway Weekend Trip

The Hamptons – Luxury Getaway Weekend Trip

The Hamptons – The ultimate getaway is just 90 minutes outside of Manhattan. Who would’ve known that just an hour and a half road trip can take you to those gorgeous white-sand beaches, luxurious mansions, and high-end night clubs?


The most famous area on Long Island is the home to America’s most famous and wealthy people, living the high-life. So, why don’t you sit back and enjoy a long weekend at Long Island? You know you deserved it. 


Though your financial status may not be up to par to America’s wealthiest, a short weekend trip may just give that taste of luxury on the tip of your tongue. Just be careful, you’ll soon be craving for more.


So pack up your bags and let’s head out to the East Coast’s most lavish and luminous weekend resort!


The Best Weekend getaway from NYC

Luxury Getaway in our Rolls Royce

If anyone needs to escape “the city that never sleeps”, it is the city’s residents. City lights and noisy traffic can bring out the worst in us, even in the most pleasant of all. Just a one-weekend getaway can help you relax and recharge your batteries, providing you with a well-deserved break from the big city hustle. If you are tired of the big apple, it is time to enjoy slowly with smaller, yet tastier bits.


The untouched landscapes have long been the destination of choice for the elite New Yorkers. The only thing separating you from this heaven on earth is the tedious three-hour drive from New York City. You want to kick back and relax, why should you drive? 


Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with our luxury limo service. Enjoy and relax in our comfortable seats, while our professional chauffeurs drive you to New York’s best-kept secret. You are headed to the Hamptons, do it in style!

All-inclusive Resorts in the Hamptons NY

A carefree getaway must have everything you need just a walk away. No matter if you are having a romantic retreat, family vacation, or just some fun with your friends – the choice of a resort will make your trip worthwhile. 


Despite being the top destination for New York’s wealthiest,  there are actually few hotels in the Hamptons. You want a place located so that it will provide you with access to not only beaches but shops and restaurants too. Another thing to consider is the hotel itself – does it have a pool or a spa?


Don’t feel limited by the hotels – you can always opt for getaway cabins. Hamptons cottages are a cozy and affordable way to experience the Hamptons to the full extent!

Things to do in the Hamptons

Fun things to do in the Hamptons

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Like clockwork, every summer celebrities flock to the Hamptons. With its beautiful beaches, multimillion-dollar mansions, and unprecedented exclusivity, it’s no wonder why the elites enjoy every minute of their stay. 


Take a stroll, and you’ll probably see your favorite celebrity. And it is no big deal – the Hamptons are known to be the playground of the rich. So, what is it that makes these people flock to the Hamptons? You name it!

Lively music

You can’t say that you’ve been to the Hamptons if you haven’t spent at least one night at the Stephen Talkhouse. For almost a half of a century, the Stephen Talkhouse has featured some of the most notable music acts, including the Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, among many others!

The Hamptons Art scene

The local landscape has long inspired artists, drawing them away from the busy city life and providing them with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. While it may seem that the Hamptons have fallen victim to consumerism, the local art scene is still strong as it ever was.

Be sure to visit some of the Hamptons famous museums and art galleries, such as the Parrish Art Museum, The Dan Flavin Art Institute, and LongHouse Reserve, among others!

Wine and Dine

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine to compliment a fine meal? Exclusive dining and luxurious wine tasting – the Hamptons can hit that hedonistic note for everyone. The majority of restaurants have a focus on seafood – which is no surprise. Surrounded by water, you can be sure you will eat some of the tastiest seafood around.

Hamptons getaway for couples

Can you feel that love is in the air? The long stretches of the most beautiful beaches that the United States can offer are the perfect escape for couples. Whether you have been together for decades or just days – the Hamptons can surely give you that magical spark of romance.


Adventure awaits, and a stroll under the stars on the pristine white-sand beaches spell romance. Indulge in wine tasting and some fine chocolates. Bask in that breathtaking ocean view, moonlight walks, and romantic dinners – treat yourselves with a perfect night-out and enjoy the simple life pleasures.


It can be too easy to fall in love with the Hamptons charm – your romantic weekend getaway can become a recurring trip for you, and your darling.

Getting back home

Head Back Home in our Luxury Limo

There is no place like home. The weekend trip is over, and you are feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Don’t let that feeling fleet away just yet and return in style. NYC VIP Limousine can offer you a round trip, so you don’t need to wrap your head around with the returning trip.


Sit back and relax – let us lead the way and take your worries off the road and drive you in supreme luxury and style- You deserve it!

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