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Fall in love with NYC again this fall

Fall in love with NYC again this fall

Fall in love with NYC once again this fall… Fall in love with vibrant shades of red and orange intertwined in this amazing symphony. Revive the romance despite the rainy weather. Enjoy the pumpkin spice and everything nice and visit all the interesting events reserved for the fall. Summer is too mainstream, you will love these fall activities in NYC we prepared for you. Savor all the flavors of the fall this October in NYC… do you already feel the pumpkin spice scent lurking in the air? We thought so.


For a lot of people, fall is not such a favorite as summer or spring. A lot of people connect the fall with seasonal depression, long rainy days, and much colder weather. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you live in New York – that is one of the most beautiful, not to mention dynamic parts of the year.  


In NYC the real fall starts in October and you can enjoy a mix of sunny weather and romantic walks in the rain. Fall activities in NYC will make you enjoy life with all your senses. Do you have a plan? If you don’t, we will make it for you. Also, we can make a customized trip for you – so if there is rain outside, you can enjoy the colors while enjoying refreshments and getting everywhere in time. 


Where should I go in the fall in NYC?

Wonderful Activities in NYC this Fall


Well, the literal answer to this question is…everywhere? There is a little something for everyone. Since the summer season is officially over, the fall activities in NYC start to revive…You don’t need to think about your bikini body for a while now so it is time to enjoy some seriously tasty food, some great activities, and some traditions we love so much. Fall activities for adults in New York are numerous, no matter if you are visiting the city with your family, your date, or alone – you will have the most amazing experience. 

What are the autumn months in New York?


Autumn months in NYC are September, October, and November. December is more associated with winter, Christmas and snow. The Fall is reserved for Thanksgiving Day, various festivals, and of course – Halloween. 

Is New York Nice in the fall?


Maybe you thought that NYC is simply a modern jungle with piled-up buildings and neverending concrete. Well, you are very wrong. Nothing can beat long strolls through Central Park. Although it is great all-year-round – can you just imagine colorful foliage? All the photographs you take there are going to be pure Instagram gold because you will not need filters.


If you love nature, our recommendation is to visit The Highline and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The Highline is where you will get the best view. If you are interested to see some amazing autumn blooms – your next station should be the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Make sure to check the bloom calendar and get ready to be amazed.

Is NYC cold in October?

Although the end of the month reserved for Halloween is when things are getting a bit chilly (and more spooky) – the temperatures in October are usually around 65 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Temperatures are around 50 degrees Fahrenheit at their lowest. 


Does it snow in October in New York?


This is an extremely rare occurrence in New York City. If you want to see the snowy scenery – you will need to wait for January or February. Yet, if you really want a glimpse of the winter in the fall – make sure to visit some of the outside ice rinks. The most famous are the one in Central Park and one in Rockefeller Center. Of course, to get a whole winter experience – make sure to visit the Winter Village. It will be set just after Halloween… 


Wanna taste the Big Apple? Well… try apple picking

Fall Activities in NYC - Apple Picking


One of the most original fall activities in NYC is apple picking. 


If you want to feel like a modern Snow White – minus the snow and minus poisonous apples, of course, apple picking might be a perfect activity for this fall. An apple a day will keep the doctor away so you need to ensure to get all your vitamins and a daily dose of physical activities. This combines everything and it is an experience to remember. There are a few apple orchards out there waiting for you. Make sure to contact the owners before your visit. 

New York City Wine & Food Festival


The Food Network & Cooking Channel prepares something amazing for you… The New York City Wine & Food Festival this year is presented by Capital One (NYCWFF) and we are already thrilled. It is an amazing, four-day annual event showcasing the most talented and the most famous wine and food producers, chefs, and culinary specialists. You can see some of America’s most beloved television personalities in one place. It will tingle your taste buds but it will help you lift your spirits as well.


Together we will not just enjoy some of the tastiest foods out there. We will also be raising funds to support New Yorkers affected by poverty or serious diseases.  


The largest food and wine festival in New York City will host more than 80 events. NYCWFF has a very demanding task. It is a widely recognized organization, famous for its tasting events. Let us all celebrate America’s most popular foods and most beautiful traditions.  late-night parties, interesting classes, educational seminars, wine tastings, and more. So save the date – because we did already. This amazing 14th annual Festival will be held between October 14 and 17, 2021. You can purchase tickets online and their prices vary from $25 to $500 depending on what your plans are. Honestly, we don’t know where to begin.


VIva la Eataly


If you love amazing Italian cuisine, you are in for a treat. Pasta, pizza, gelato… everything in one place with such an awesome and puny name. Also, if you love food, you shouldn’t miss Smorgasbord. Again, so much food, it would be like a parade for your tastebuds… SPEAKING OF THE PARADES…


Halloween parade


Trick or treat? It is our most favorite holiday combined with an amazing parade. People are getting all dressed to attend this parade, even their dogs participate! Also, this year there will be a spooky spectacle – around 7000 hand-carved Jack O’Lantern will be showcased and we’ve heard from a little bird… or a little bat that there will be a spooky spectacle this year. Better be there!


Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


One of the oldest Thanksgiving parades is this one. So if you are visiting New York City during the Thanksgiving season, you will be amazed by all the glitz and glam of this parade. It is one of the most popular parades, you will be amazed. 


Fall activities in NYC – In Conclusion

Fall Activities in NYC - Conclusion

How do you like some of our favorite fall activities in NYC? If you want to visit them all, the first step is to contact us. We will show you just how amazing NYC is in the Fall.

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