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Ideas for Luxury Bachelorette Party in NYC

Ideas for Luxury Bachelorette Party in NYC

2020 was one of the most challenging years we have encountered for a long time. A year when we postponed our weddings and all these amazing events until it’s safe again. But, don’t let this horrible year ruin your dreams, they can still come true. 


2021 brought an optimistic promise that you can have your happy end after all. Every girl deserves to feel like a heroine of her own love story. Of course, a bachelorette party is like a trailer for the most magical day of your life. And we all know that there is no more perfect place to celebrate but in NYC. 


The city that never sleeps, where the greatest love stories have been written. It is time to add new pages to your personal history. Therefore, to make these pages even more interesting  – we’ve gathered some original ideas for a bachelorette party in NYC. 


Big Apple offers a wide variety of flavors and we know how to get you the tastiest bite.


Ready to roll when you are.


Pretty in pink

Pretty Pink Bachelorette Party NYC

We know that every bride is unique so we have a wide selection of vehicles that will fit your bachelorette theme:


If you are for evergreen elegance, old-time luxury –ROLLS ROYCE ROYAL PRINCESS 1964 is a supreme choice. It will make you feel like a princess.  Time to get back these roaring twenties in style – so take this ride with style. It will be like your own time machine that will transfer you back to the charleston era.


If you decide to be more modern – our Pink Hummer Limousine is a perfect choice. It has enough space to pack up all your friends and all the necessities and all eyes will indeed be on you. For daring, modern-day princesses who are not afraid of being in the spotlight.


If you like our bachelorette party NYC ideas – we got more. For these girls that were always avid partygoers – we even have a party bus!


We can literally bring your party wherever you like and make sure all the details are in the right place. Make your bachelorette party weekend in NYC memorable. 


Limo wine tour in NYC


Every true party girl loves wine, so why don’t you take the opportunity to turn your bachelorette party into a road trip to one of New York’s wineries or orchards?


New York is the home of some of the best vineyards in the United States. A great and fun activity that you can plan with your girlfriends is to go for a wine tour. New York’s local vineyards have thrived in the past few years, and many have resisted the lockdowns of 2020. Consider taking your bachelorette entourage on a brewery tour in a luxurious limousine. Taste the different types of expensive wines accompanied by our courteous chauffeurs.


The best thing is, you do not need to worry about the designated driver. We are there to accommodate you and keep you safe. 


SPA Day in NYC


A new and exciting era awaits and you will welcome it with the arms wide open. Yet, you know that you can’t leave the old you behind. Your friends were here, through thick and thin and they deserve to share the special day with you. 


Instead of partying hard, some girls simply want to enjoy pampering all day, chit-chatting with their friends, enjoy massages and a glass of champagne. This is a perfect way to be well-rested and energized for your big day. Or if you want the best from both worlds?  We can make a perfect plan for you!


We can make a romantic tour to visit places where the famous movies are made, then to take you to lunch with your friends. Afterward, you will be enjoying a sunset on the roof and finish up with visiting clubs. Then the next day, you can get some rest and get more energized to continue your great New York adventure.


Don’t worry, we will be waiting wherever you are and help you get in time every time.


Scavenger hunt

Take the game to the next level and create your own adventure. Make a New York city themed scavenger hunt. Split into two teams and go hunting.   Collect items that will always remind you of your special day and create an album. We will share some ideas with you.


The Hamptons

Wine Tour in The Hamptons

The Hamptons are the ultimate weekend getaway from the busy life in the city. Gorgeous beaches, luxurious mansions, and a high-rolling lifestyle. Why wouldn’t you spend your last night single in the most famous area on Long Island?


Just an hour-and-a-half outside of Manhattan, the Hamptons combines a relaxed, beachy atmosphere with plenty of party spots. It’s divided into several hamlets, so the kind of scene you’re looking for your bachelorette party will determine where you want to spend the most time. Montauk is the home to most of the action, so if you’re interested in pool parties, beach clubs, and live music – this is the place to be. 


Did we mention that The Hamptons is home to more than 60 amazing vineyards? If the wine tour part of our article caught your attention, be sure to at least check them out.


In conclusion


No matter what you decide, or what your tastes are, we are sure you found some ideas for a luxury bachelorette party to suit you! Although the last year has brought us some trouble, this one doesn’t need to be that hard. Plan ahead, and make your party exciting and memorable.


Always know that we are there to help. Don’t over-encumber yourself with the stress and worries, and just let us fulfill all your transportation needs. You can book us directly from our dedicated reservations page, or just give us a call – our helpful operators are here to guide you through the whole process.


NYC VIP Limo – The road to luxury starts with us.

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