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Ideas for Valentines – Limo Wine Tours Long Island and NYC

Ideas for Valentines – Limo Wine Tours Long Island and NYC

Most popular limo wine tours in NYC and Long Island – an original way to spend Valentine’s day.


The old saying goes ‘In vino veritas’’. Latin has been a dead language for a long time but the saying is indeed pretty much live today. So let us translate this one for you and prove this one right again – the truth is always in the glass of wine. Let us pour you another glass and take you on a limo tour on Long Island. You will wish for that day to also last a bit longer. 


Evergreen romance is our thing, just like we love the evergreen taste of wine. We want to take you on a tour for Valentine’s day


Let us help you explore New York and Long Island wineries and rediscover a true romance. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about who will be a designated driver that night. 


Long Island vineyards await you on your limo wine tours!

Long Island Vineyards

Who does not enjoy the amazing glass of red goodness, sweet and aromatic, seductively intoxicating, a bit bitter in some moments – it is the pure essence of life itself. We can thank California for 90% of the fantastic wines in the USA. 


Yet, there are some hidden gems in the remaining 10 percent… We need to mention amazing wines from Long Island. Imagine sweet fruit aromas, a dash of the sea breeze, and glacial soils combined in such a perfect symphony. A red sea of love in your glass. These award-winning wines gained amazing popularity since 1973 when Alex and Louisa Hargrave decided to plant the first vineyard in Long Island. 


Their success attracted more avid winemakers and made this region an exclusive wine paradise. You know what they say, with a good winemaker – every year can be a good year. And every day can be Valentine’s day – we will help you remember that 

Some popular Long Island vineyards…

Limo Wine Tours

Duck Walk Vineyards: 

Duck Walk Vineyards are the award-winning vineyards that can be found at two beautiful locations. The original vineyard and winery are located in Water Mill, and the other one is the new tasting room that can be found in Southold. They offer a very rare blueberry port, but still, they are best known for their various merlots and chardonnays. Couples can consider that Duck Walk Vineyards offers superb live music on weekends, and they can also cater to you with an array of special events such as a wine country bike tour. Take a tandem bike and spend the afternoon gazing at the sprawling vineyards!


Martha Clara Vineyard

Owned by the famous Entenmanns Family in New York, Martha Clara Vineyard is named after Robert Entenmann’s mother. Located at Sound Avenue, Riverhead, the vineyard started as a small 18-acre family-owned vineyard, to the current impressive 100 acres. It is definitely one of the most sought after vineyards in North Folk. We can recommend couples taking their bottles of riesling, Gewurztraminer or their Five-O red wine and bringing it to a dimmed room. Their labels glow in the dark, providing a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.


Jason’s Vineyard

Jason’s Vineyard is located in Jamesport on the North Fork of Long Island. It encompasses 20 acres that the owner, Jason Damiano planted himself. Here you can find a truly unique wine tasting room, which resembles the mythological ship, Argo, from the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. With its unique look, this winery stands out above the rest and is a perfect place to break the monotony of usual wineries.


Pugliese Vineyards

Located at Cutchogue, Pugliese Vineyards is another excellent choice for limo wine tours in Long Island. Here you can find a homely atmosphere, with picnic tables and live music. Everything is outside, so following the COVID-19 protocols didn’t come hard for this cozy little winery. They also have a Koi fish pond, so why don’t you and your partner just take a moment to embrace its beauty?


What about the hidden gems in NYC?

NYC Winery

If you want to be a protagonist of your own romantic movie – New York City has so much to offer. While it may not be as scenic as gazing at a beautiful vineyard, the urban NYC has amazing wineries offering great wines. 

City Winery

Created by CEO and founder Michael Dorf who is also the founder of The Knitting Factory. Based in NYC, this winery also has locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, DC, Philadelphia and Boston. They offer live music events, along with food and wine events. It is a great place to visit for every wine enthusiast.

Rooftop Reds

A beautiful and unique rooftop and wine bar experience for a loving couple. You can find this rooftop winery at The Brooklyn Navy Yard. They also offer rooftop yoga, BBQ in the summer, movie nights, and more. Be sure to check them out.

The Red Hook Winery

This winery is located on Pier 41 and can proud itself with a breathtaking view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  The Tasting Room offers all 150 labels of their own Red Hook Wine, which you must taste at least once in your life. If you are a true New Yorker of course.


Enjoy wine but in good company, and most importantly safe. We are all growing weary of the social distancing, but enjoying a quality time with your loved one without the outside world exists- every good love story begins with the limo waiting. We prepared all the safety precautions. Of course, some of the famous NYC wine tours also decided to take security on another level and let you enjoy your wine tasting. 


In conclusion

Wine tasting is a very original way to spend Valentine’s day. Even though you are maybe not so romantic-  we bet that you will enjoy the wine part very much. Who can resist some nice, bubbly wine, aromatic cheese, and chocolate truffles? 


Limo wine tours on Long Island are not reserved for this day exclusively. Make the entire year a good year and the year of love and we will drive you happily to the sunset – or down the wine trail. It is your choice and we are here to follow. Choose your adventure and choose the perfect vehicle from our fleet.

Make your reservation today, and let us take you on a journey you will never forget.

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