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Optimistic and Reassuring Limousine Industry Statistics for 2021

Optimistic and Reassuring Limousine Industry Statistics for 2021

Although we had different plans, we expected that we would welcome new roaring twenties with champagne in a limousine, entering a new and exciting era in style. Instead of that, we welcomed a new, unwanted guest that made things even more complicated. With the pandemic going on and the virus spreading rapidly, it was hard to keep our pace in the market.


Flights got canceled, businesses moved to Zoom, and weddings were postponed for better days – The limousine industry took a major hit due to lockdowns and it is still trying to recover. But does that mean that it is time for the lockdown for good? Of course not. Although limo businesses are currently struggling, we know that this won’t last forever. Today we prepared some interesting facts from the past year to kickstart this year better, hoping that 2020 will be just a distant memory soon.


Limousine industry stats and facts for 2020

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Now let’s check some interesting facts and stats about the year behind us. 


  • The global limousine services market declined from $83.0 billion in 2019 to $46.7 billion in 2020. That is nearly a half for such a short amount of time.


  • According to forecasts, the recovery will be long – the recovery is predicted to start in 2021 and it will be approximately a change of 6.5%. The limousine industry is expected to reach $94.4 billion in revenue globally.


  • Business volume has decreased by 75% and a lot of limo operators have decided to sell half of their fleet.


  • Limo drivers’ average trip volume before the pandemic was around 105 trips per week. With the pandemic happening, this number fell drastically with 2 rides a day. 


  • The most popular vehicles in the corporate business world are SUVs and sedans. Stretch limos are the second most popular option for business clients. After the pandemic, stretch limos became an even more attractive option


  • Besides the pandemic happening, the recurring issue in the world of limousine service remains the continual rise of fuel price. This issue could be solved by utilizing electric cars or autonomous limousines (more about it later).


  • 60% of the limousine services are smaller companies, having a fleet consisting of 5 vehicles only.


  • It is important to be online – 85% of limousine companies have their business website, and half of them have the application for quick reservations integrated. That makes it easier for clients to get the premium service fast.


  • During the weekdays, 50% of limousine services will provide their vehicles for business and corporate customers.


  • Events like weddings, bachelor parties, proms, quinceaneras make 40% of total limousine services. The weekends for limousine businesses are of course, the most lucrative.


Essentials in limousine industry after the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 limousine statistics

We are used to essentials like champagne and snacks but this year has brought a new set of essential social etiquette that we simply can’t ignore. There are complimentary gloves, hand sanitizers, and masks waiting for you. Safety standards in our limousines need to ensure a safe yet comfortable ride in 2021 and beyond. We’ve decided to follow these measures:


  • Thoroughly sanitize every vehicle before every ride.


  • No driving in the front seat, drivers need to wear protective masks and gloves when handling luggage.


  • Drivers will be waiting for the client in the limousine – avoiding crowded places such airports will prevent contracting the virus.


  • No physical contact between drivers and clients.


  • Checking the temperature of all drivers at the beginning of their shifts and during the day.


  • The use of acrylic partitions.


  • Air circulation – but do it right. It is important to get the fresh air, not just the stale air circulating around.


All our safety measures are in accordance with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. We pride ourselves on our strict policies and dedication to your health and wellbeing.


For all our clients we have the following tips: avoid traveling while sick. Respect the safety measures and social distancing. And most importantly, enjoy the ride. We are always here to accommodate your every wish, respectfully.


The Future of Limousine Industry from 2021

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We have mentioned that the recovery will be long but we are glad that the forecast is optimistic. The limousine industry is not before extinction, we are just changing. Evolving. Keeping pace with the world. We know this was a pretty bumpy ride but straight roads don’t make the skilled drivers. 


Stretch limousines are good for social distancing – they will become the choice number one soon once the flights are back to normal… Well, the new normal. Party busses are a different story but their time will come eventually. They will just have to wait some more. 


What we expect to see in the near future is how technology will reshape our business for the better. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, electric cars… autonomous limousines? It is possible. But we know that our valued chauffeurs are a crucial part of every limo ride. 


Limousines are always spacious, they can fit everything you need in one place so we hope that every ride will be a ride to remember. We want to provide the most immersive experience of limo rides and we will try our best to follow the latest trends in the industry. 


In conclusion


It looks like the dystopian future that we only saw in the movies is here to stay. We are all in this together, and we need to work together to survive this nightmare. Even with social distancing, it looks that we are closer together than ever. With the right precautions taken, we can still live our lives and enjoy them to the fullest.


Do not be afraid. Take the precautions and all the necessary measures and enjoy life. You can still take a ride with us – we also respect all the CDC guidelines and take all the necessary precautions. Let us ride you out of the terrible 2020, and take you to the brighter 2021.


NYC VIP Limousine Services – the ride to a prosperous future starts with us.

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