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Luxurious things to do in NYC

Luxurious things to do in NYC

We know you are missing lavish and luxurious trips. We all do. There is so much to be discovered, new ways to add more glitz and glam to your everyday routine. We were all thrilled that the roaring 20s are back again… but now postponed a bit because the entire world is experiencing some serious changes. 


On the other hand, things are always on the move, especially in NYC. Big Apple is still offering its diamond-encrusted slice, waiting for you to enjoy with all your senses. You don’t need to give up on that necessary dose of luxury, just take the special precautions and spoil yourself with luxury.


Best things to do in NYC? Let us help…

Things to do in NYC



Let us help you organize a perfect luxurious getaway whenever you need it. We can get you there in a few steps, help you choose a limo or luxurious, SUV and cruise through all high-end NYC attractions. Why choose us?


Well, there are several reasons: we pride ourselves on outstanding customer care so in every moment you will feel safe, protected, and with just the right amount of champagne. The other reason is that we know just the right places to visit.


We know the best places to visit in New York, all these sweet and luxurious secrets where you can unplug yourself from the real world and for a moment, be in another realm of luxury.


It is not just about New York sightseeing – it is about pampering yourself and choosing the hidden gems, strategically, creating the perfect puzzle 


Things to do in NYC today


Restaurants in NYC


If you decide to go on a spontaneous trip to get some rest of your everyday routine, we have some ideas we would like to share. In New York, everything is happening fast and everyone is on the move. 


In New York people love to grab a dollar slice of pizza while they are strolling down the boardwalk, breathing the city’s energy, and that amazing vibe.


World’s most luxurious pizza


Well, it is time to add a luxurious twist to this – we are talking about the most luxurious pizza slice. It is not $1 but $1k but it is worth every dollar since it is covered with the finest Beluga caviar, as well Black Russian Royal Sevruga caviar. Now, there is more to this extremely decadent dish created by Nino Selimaj… thing slices of lobster, creme fraiche, salmon roll, and a hint of wasabi. 


Can you just imagine this decadent treat tingling your tastebuds?


Spicy and pricey chicken wings


Another way to spice things up a bit. It will get spicy for your pocket but there is another way to get that dash of luxury. Have you heard of 24-carat chicken wings? We bet they taste heavenly (something closest to angel wings maybe). 


You can get these babies for $1k at the gorgeous Ainsworth. And you will get complimentary Champagne Armand de Brignac.


Luxurious Italian Cuisine


Now, if you are not in the mood for these lavish and luxurious snacks – it is always great to sit down and enjoy a nice and rich meal.


If you are in the mood for Italian food – it is time to head out to the no.1 favorite of celebrities. Kardashian family always visits this gem – Bar Pitti.


If you always wanted a real Italian dining experience outside of Italy, you came to the right place. Italian food in all its glory, neatly placed in Manhattan with a wonderful patio. Can’t you already feel the flavors of the Mediterranean?


Starry eyes, star ratings


Bar Pitti is great when you want to dine with the movie stars. Yet, when we mention stars…what about a restaurant rewarded with Michelin three stars? We are talking about Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. 


Only a few will have that honor to sit at this restaurant because it can accommodate 18 persons only (add a social distancing and things are getting even more exclusive). The unique and eclectic mix of French and Japanese cuisine backed with amazing ocean food – you umami sense will go wild.


Spa day in NYC


Spa Day in NYC


Once your stomach is full of all luxurious wonders, it is time to recharge the batteries. Time to disconnect from the real world, time to recharge your batteries. Have you ever wondered how all these celebrities have such glowy, radiant, and silky skin that defies the forces of time?


The most luxurious spa resorts in NYC know a thing or two about where the fountain of youth is hiding. You can sit and relax and we will take you there while you are still reminiscing the beautiful flavors you experienced.


You had a dash of Italy in the Middle of Manhattan… So what about a dash of Orient for your next stop?


The Spa at Mandarin Oriental


Something out of this world hidden in Manhattan. It is time to relax and find your balance because this unique spa offers everything – from massages to facials. Everything is based on Ayurvedic medicine so you will revive both your body and your spirit. Not to mention that the entire spa is pure eye candy for people in love with the orient. You will have a feeling that you suddenly awake in some tale from 1001 nights.


The Peninsula Spa


If you want to feel like you are taking a bath in the hot spring in Scandinavia – you will enjoy this discreet, hidden gem in Swedish style. You can enjoy a full body massage, deep cleaning of your face, and rejuvenating your skin with cryo treatments. They are using only premium brands so you will regenerate instantly.


Spa Nalai


If you want to enjoy a more urban environment and contemporary elegance combined with peace, relaxation, and a dash of luxury – Spa Nalai is a logical choice. It combines all the amenities such as saltwater lap pool, eucalyptus steam room, and high tech fitness novelties. You will end up revived, refreshed, and ready to party.


Which leads us to our new destination…


Things to do in NYC this weekend


Although the world is still in peril of COVID-19 pandemics, you can still enjoy the best fragments or rich NYC nightlife. With special cautions, you can have a great time.


Are you ready to go over the top?


Well, first you need to climb on the top. In this case – The Top Of The Standard. It is everything but standard, trust us.


You can enjoy smooth jazz, original cocktails, and the best view of sunset in the entire city.


Bottle service in the Night club Marquee is also one of the things you need to afford in order to enjoy the full NYC luxurious and lavish experience.


In conclusion


NYC VIP limo team will be with you every step of your way into the rich and enchanting world of NYC. It has a lot to offer for everyone. Luxury is not a privilege, but a necessity, and we are here to help you live the best time of your life.

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