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Streets in New York that Should Be on Your Must-visit List

Streets in New York that Should Be on Your Must-visit List

Since the City That Never Sleeps is an integral piece of global popular culture, the streets in New York are iconic in their own right. You see, cities like New York are simply too huge to ever be fully explored even by those born and raised within city limits. Like every other metropolis, it’s a living-breathing organism that constantly evolves. However, there are some areas, neighborhoods, and streets that are so iconic and relevant that they give the city its identity.

With the right personal vehicle or rented limo service, you may completely customize your tour of the metropolitan area. Also, since any list based on this topic has to be too long, we will split the potential tour into several relevant categories of New York streets.

Best streets for shopping

As one of the biggest business hubs in the world, New York is a perfect place for shopping with the widest retail selection. Some streets are the hotspot of reputable vendors and headquarters of major fashion brands. Here are several streets great for shopping in NYC.

Madison Avenue

Streets in New York City - Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue from 59th street to the 90s is one of the most renowned fashion streets in New York. There’s little surprise in the fact that this is home to some of the most popular brands like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, and Carolina Herrera. High-end stores start north of 57th, so going south (especially south of the 40s) may provide you with stores offering more reasonable prices.

Fifth Avenue

Any tourist to New York is bound to visit Fifth Avenue as one of the most recognizable and universally known shopping streets in New York. This is especially true for those looking for jewelry since this area is home to DeBeers, Cartier, and Tiffany’s. Needless to say, it’s also one of the areas most likely to appear in an NYC-based movie. This also makes it a must-visit place in the spring.

Streets in New York With Greatest Historical Significance

There are a lot of streets in this city with some historical significance. They either appeared in your favorite movie, or they’re the spot where a major historical event took place (probably even both). Making a tour that consists of these streets are also a good idea.

Stone Street

The importance of this area for the city ranges all the way back to the 1640s (when it was known as High Street). Today, this street is a monument to a time long gone by. There are numerous reports claiming that this was the first paved New York city street (New Amsterdam at the time). So, you need to include it in the list of the best historical monuments to visit in NYC. Also, this is a street that you want to explore on foot. So, drive there (or get driven by a luxury limo) and then walk a part of the way.

Wall Street

Streets in New York - Wall Street

The reason why any tour of historically significant places in New York needs to include Wall Street is more than self-explanatory. This is the home of the New York Stock Exchange, the very epicenter of the global economy in the 20th and 21st centuries. As such, it’s a place that witnessed events that have reshaped the very history of the world.

Most Romantic New York City Streets

Those traveling with a significant other must be aware of the fact that there’s a high chance that the favorite scene from their SO’s favorite romantic movie took place somewhere in New York. For instance, you could take a route that will take you on a ride across some of the most recognizable NYC bridges or past renowned romantic spots.

St Mark’s Place

Whenever you think of that one scene from any romantic movie, the chances are that it was filmed at St Mark’s place. While you may have never heard of names of streets in New York, you must have a mental image of the place. You know that scene where a guy escorts a girl to her doorstep only to chicken out before kissing her at the last moment. Now you know exactly what we’re talking about, it would be a massive waste not to see it all in person.

Minetta Street

Those who want to take their significant other for an evening stroll should definitely consider Minetta Street. Even if you don’t have the time for a walk through this picturesque NYC street, you should at least drive by. This may be enough to leave a lasting impression and persuade you to come back on the next occasion.

Notorious New York Streets

Then, there are some streets with a long history of notoriety. For some people, this is what grabs their attention, even if it means visiting the place in an armored vehicle and a security driver with a law-enforcement background.

Doyers Street

Doyers Street New York City Streets

We had a hard time making our mind whether to list Doyers Street on the list of notorious or historically significant streets in New York. Namely, this area (also known as Bloody Angle) is the place where more people died when compared to any other place in the United States. While nowadays it’s completely safe, this piece of trivia alone may be enough to send some chills down your spine.

The intersection of Livonia and Rockaway avenues

Those who want the bragging rights of traveling the most dangerous area of New York can drive past the intersection of Livonia and Rockaway avenues in Brownsville. Four surrounding blocks are officially the most dangerous part of NYC (its murder capital). This alone is a piece of interesting, if not disturbing, trivia regarding cross streets in New York City.

Wrap Up

While leaving some room for spontaneity may sound good on paper, planning your visit to New York is always a good idea. With a solid itinerary and a pre-set schedule, you should be able to visit all the key streets in New York, even on a tight schedule. As far as the rest of your itinerary goes, you can always save something for the next time. Those who visit New York once tend to return again and again.

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