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How to Choose the Best Limo Service in NYC

How to Choose the Best Limo Service in NYC

Experiencing NYC is an idea that should find a place on any bucket list. Still, when talking about the experience, it’s incredibly important to understand how much organization-dependent this concept really is. This remains true for both visitors to NYC and permanent residents of this metropolis. One’s lodging/place of residence, their itinerary and their budget will definitely determine their point of view. For instance, there are occasions where looking at the city through the lens of luxury could make all the difference. In this scenario, knowing how to pick the best limo service in NYC would make all the difference. Here are several tips to help out in this regard.

The global pandemic and transportation service

Pandemic in NYC

The first issue worth discussing in 2020 is the issue of the safety of hiring a limo during the outbreak of COVID-19. Fortunately, the luxury vehicles industry is struck a lot less than the rest of the field for several obvious reasons. First of all, stretch limousines make social distancing and safe passenger organization quite easy. Second, the top-dogs in the limo service industry pay special attention to the COVID-19 safety protocol. This alone should make this form of transportation quite safe, considering the circumstances.

Availability on a certain date

The next issue is that there are a lot of high-end luxurious transportation service providers that are completely booked in the foreseeable future. So, unless your aim is to just get a limo, regardless of the date or time, this is something worth considering. On the other hand, if your aim is to get exclusive transportation for a specific event, you should act now. This includes getting in touch with the service provider and directly inquiring about the specific time and date.

The best limo service in NYC by service quality

The question of the best limo service in NYC is both subjective and abstract. This makes it quite difficult to pinpoint precisely. Namely, the service quality depends on the skill and training of the drivers. It may also be affected by their experience in the field. It also depends on the quality, selection and maintenance of the vehicles. The trouble lies in the fact that a layman passenger might have a hard time figuring these things out. Other than this, it’s also worth mentioning that customer support may play a pivotal role in the overall user experience. All of these factors should be explored through passenger reviews.

Checking the fleet

Mercedes S560

Let’s be completely honest and admit that the majority of people who go for luxury vehicles do so for the sake of appearance. Sure, corporate travel may mandate a certain level of travel experience but there are also people who are picking this option for style points. For them, the availability of certain vehicles may be a deal-breaker. For instance, some may insist on sedan SUVs, while others, like we already mentioned, want traditional stretch limousines. Fortunately for the majority of future customers, this aspect is the easiest one to research.

Specific circumstances

Amongst the people who fall under the paygrade that allows for the regular use of limo services, there are some who may fear for their own safety. In this particular scenario, merely going for a luxury vehicle is not enough. What one should look for instead is the luxury bulletproof vehicle. Any reputable limo service in the Big Apple should have in offer. The fact that one is restricted to bulletproof vehicles doesn’t mean that they still don’t have a wide selection of luxury cars to choose from.

In-person review

One of the worst things about doing business remotely is the fact that not everyone is honest. This is the plague of every industry in the 21st century and the luxury transportation field is, sadly, not the exception. This is why all those who have that luxury might want to inspect the vehicles in person. Even to a layman, it should be abundantly clear whether the vehicles look the same in person as was advertised on the site. As far as the maintenance goes the things are fairly simple and straightforward. The company which can afford to have luxurious sedans in their offer is quite unlikely to let them unattended.

The cost

Best Limo Service in NYC

Another thing worth discussing is the matter of cost. Now, keep in mind that the cost depends on several factors. First of all, the cost will be determined by the vehicle that you intend to get for this day. Second, the cost may depend on the distance that you intend to traverse and the time period that you intend to rent the vehicle for. For instance, using a limousine for airport transportation services doesn’t cost as much as a luxury weekend getaway trip to the Hamptons. In other words, you first need to lay down your own plans before getting in touch with the service provider.

Referrals are crucial

A person in a place where hiring a luxury vehicle is a standard probably knows people who have already used these services. In other words, there’s a strong possibility that one could get a reliable referral of the reliable limo service in NYC. While some may argue that this advice might fall under the service quality check category, the truth is that the WOM has a special place in the majority of luxury vehicles. Fortunately, this phenomenon also helps make customer experience a lot better and more consistent.

In conclusion

Picking the best limo service in NYC is by no means an impossible task but it does require quite a bit of research. Still, for the people who are considering the active use of this service, the time investment is worth it. Most importantly, the bulk of this industry consists of loyal return clients. In other words, once you pick the right limo service for you, you’ll have a go-to option. This will provide you with the optimal client experience. It will also allow you to skip the arduous reputation check process in the future.

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