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The Best Ideas for a Scenic Road Trip in Europe

The Best Ideas for a Scenic Road Trip in Europe

Traveling across Europe is a great idea for anyone who wants to envelop an educational excursion and a wild party ride in a single trip. The thing about Europe is that it is home to dozens of cultures and ways of life, which is why you’ll need at least several trips to sample it all. The best way to get the most out of a single tour is to use a personal vehicle but hiring a luxury limo with a driver might be an even better idea. So, in order to fully explore all your scenic road trip Europe options, you need to start thinking outside of the box.


Now, keep in mind that different European countries tend to be the home to some of the world’s most iconic alcoholic beverages. You can’t go to France or Italy without going on a wine-tasting tour. The majority of these winemaking regions are quite scenic, to begin with. You can’t travel to Germany or Czech Republic without going to a beer fest. Lastly, you can’t pay a visit to Russia or Poland without enjoying some local vodka brands. The thing is that if you do so, you’re probably going to need to come up with an alternative ride. Hiring a limo is one of the best ways to travel in style.


Here are several itineraries and suggestions that you’ll definitely want to consider.

Switzerland Passes


When in a lookout for the scenic road trip Europe options, one shouldn’t skip the Alps. Traveling through the Gotthard tunnel will allow you to admire the pristine beauty of this region, while also being able to marvel at one of the greatest examples of European infrastructure.


One of the things that the majority of US-based travelers through Europe can’t seem to wrap their heads around is the fact that you can travel from one country to another (and one culture to another) in a matter of hours. Switzerland, however, is probably the most extreme such example in existence. You enter the tunnel in an Italian-speaking region and exit into a German-speaking one.

From Bordeaux to Bilbao


The next interesting road trip idea across Europe starts in the mesmerizing French city of Bordeaux. This is the fifth-largest city in the whole of France and it has a long and interesting history, which is reflected in its distinct architecture. While the streets of Bordeaux may not be as represented in popular culture as the streets of New York, you shouldn’t be surprised. If you recognize some of them from a movie or a show that you’ve seen.


The gastronomy and local wines of Bordeaux are probably the main reason why you’ll be happy that you’ve brought a driver with you. Then, once you get a taste of Bordeaux, you continue southwards, along one of the longest European sand beaches.


Just think about visiting Europe and talking about it to your friends later on, if you fail to mention a visit to France, Spain, and Italy, chances are that they’ll remain unimpressed. Well, this itinerary allows you to take at least two of these items off the list, seeing as how your journey ends up in Bilbao, Northern Spain.

Applecross Circular

Those who want to take a regular trip to Europe and still add a road trip (as an experience) to the list, the circular journey across the Applecross Peninsula will not take more than two-and-a-half hours. You Start at the Lochcarron and you return there in no time. Sure, UK might no longer be in the EU but it’s still one of the most significant and iconic countries in the region. Those looking for a scenic road trip in Europe to explore, should definitely not omit Scotland from this list.

The Nightlife Tour


For those who are interested in exploring the best of European nightlife should come up with an itinerary that encompasses three Central-European capitals. Your journey should start in Berlin, proceed down to Prague, and from there, carry on to Budapest. While you’re there, you can carry on southwards towards Belgrade. All four of these cities can be found on any credible list of cities with the best nightlife in the whole of Europe (some would even say in the world, as well).


Also, all of these cities are generally considered safe. Sure, as an executive or a luxury traveler you might still prefer to take your journey in an armored vehicle, however, there’s no real need for such a thing. Just by having a chauffeur, you will be able to relax and enjoy the night without holding back. Arriving at these spots in a luxury vehicle will ensure that you arrive in style.

Shopping in Milan

Milan is definitely the fashion capital of the world, which is why those with a bit more room in their budget should definitely consider going there on a shopping spree. Those who really want to spend high should stick to the city center, in the Duomo area. The list of things to see in Milan is lengthy, as well, seeing as how this city has an uninterrupted tradition of civilization that precedes the Roman era.


While there, you could go down the Apennine Peninsula and visit some of the most iconic Italian cities like Florence, Rome, Naples. On your way back, you can travel along the other coast of the peninsula and visit Venice. This way, you’ll really get something to brag about back home.

Wrap up

Fitting all of these itineraries into a single journey is definitely possible but the experience may be a bit overwhelming. It all comes down to your agenda for the journey. So, instead of trying to cram it all into a single scenic road trip across Europe, it might be a good idea to take several trips and use each of them to really savor the local culture. Why exhaust all of this in a single go, when you can stretch it out into a lifetime of adventure? 

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