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Top 5 Scenic Road Trip USA Ideas for Luxury Seekers

Top 5 Scenic Road Trip USA Ideas for Luxury Seekers

Going on a road trip doesn’t have to be about survival or exploration of the wilderness. However, there’s another way to travel great distances in a personal vehicle. A luxury tour can be fitted just as well into a road trip. This is especially true for those who want to check out scenic road trip USA options using a luxury limo.


By hiring a limo and having a personal driver, you don’t really have to worry about enjoying a glass or two of alcohol or eating so much that you’ll get drowsy and lower your natural focus on the road. This is also true for those interested in visiting areas renowned for wild partying. This means that they don’t have to worry about taking their eyes off the road because they have a hangover. They can even catch forty winks in the back.


Most importantly, they get to fully enjoy the landscapes surrounding them without having to worry about traffic or road conditions. All in all, here are several scenic locations in the USA that you should visit on your luxury-seeking tour.

Virginia Vineyard Tour

Limo Wine Tours

When it comes to making a vineyard tour, Virginia is probably a state that provides you with the greatest number of options. Why? Mostly because it’s a renowned winemaking region. Still, in 2021, the emphasis is no longer on the export of unique vintages but on the touristic aspect of the business. This is why this state is home to numerous wine trails.


For those who want to visit a region that is both historically relevant and provides you with opportunities for luxury wine tasting tours, you can’t go wrong with Chesapeake. You can start near Ingleside and proceed towards Vault Fields, Rivah, and General’s Ridge Vineyards. For those who want to make a stop, Colonial Beach is a top choice. Finally, you can round out the trip by making a visit to Caret Cellars.

The Great Pacific Road

Northern California

When looking for scenic road trip USA ideas, you just can’t go wrong with The Great Pacific Road. Bear in mind that this is ideally a 10-14 days trip, which means that it requires serious preparation. You need to take some time off work and consult your budget, especially when hiring a luxury vehicle and a chauffeur, in order to get the most out of your journey.


As far as the itinerary goes, there are a couple of suggestions. For instance, on your first two days, you should visit Seattle and proceed towards Cannon Beach, following Puget Sound. You should take at least two or three days to explore Depoe Bay and Gold Beach. Once you’re done with the exploration, you would do well to proceed along the Northern California coast. From here, you have a lot to see and experience. Your most relevant stops should be Mendocino, Sonoma, and San Francisco. Taking a couple of days for this segment of your trip is also more than recommended.

Luxury camping in Dunton River Camp

River Camp

In the introduction, we’ve mentioned the concept of camping in terms of survival and wilderness exploration. In reality, this is just one of the ways for you to do so. For those willing to get the most of life, the concept of luxury camping is also an interesting thought worth indulging in.


What makes the area so luxurious? Well, campsites in places like Camp Sarika by Amangiri or Dunton River Camp are luxurious resorts designed and constructed in a safari-style. Add to this the fact that these places are amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes on the continent, and you’ll get a winning combination. To make the long story short, those in love with American outdoors need to take this tour, like those enamored with the urban United States should be driven through the streets of NYC.

National Parks Pilgrimage

National Park

If making a scenic road trip across the USA is your theme of choice, then there’s no better idea than to go on a pilgrimage that will allow you to visit as many essential national parks in just 10 days. Fortunately, this is not that difficult of a thing to do.


Ironically, this trip starts in Las Vegas, which might end up being a great thing, seeing as how for the majority of the pilgrimage, you will be off the grid. From there, you should head in the direction of a Fire State Park and the Beaver Dam. Then, head towards Zion National Park in Utah. Needless to say, this is another journey that will take you past Amangiri. If you’re lucky and make a booking in time, you may have the privilege of spending the night there.


Seeing as how you’ll be in the proximity of Park City, you should make a detour in order to visit it. Naturally, Yellowstone National Park is the crown jewel of this voyage. For this very reason, you should schedule its exploration for at least two full days.

Detroit to Kansas City

Kansas City

Taking a tour from Detroit all the way to Kansas City is the ultimate foodie’s tour across America’s B-Sides. This is a journey that will take you through Chicago, Minneapolis, and St. Louis, as well. It is a tour that will allow you to sample some of the best things that the Midwest has to offer and allow you to gaze into the very nucleus of this great nation. The trip itself shouldn’t take more than 10 days, and you can optimize your stops in order to explore your own interests.

Wrap Up

In the end, coming up with a scenic road trip USA idea is really not that hard. However, it takes a bit of time and money in order to enjoy this journey to the fullest. Keep in mind that your voyage will depend on your choice of vehicle, itinerary, company, as well as your mindset. Sometimes, the very knowledge that you’re embarking on a luxurious trip may further embellish the experience.

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